Queen Rutela (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) Guitar Tab

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Game: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Composer(s): Koji Kondo, Asuka Ohta, Toru Minegishi
Style: Fingerstyle, Transcription
Series: Legend of Zelda

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Queen Rutela's Theme
The Legend Of Zelda - Twilight Princess

Composed By: Koji Kondo
Tabbed By: Llamapox

BPM = 85
Capo = 5

      E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H           E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H         

  E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H           E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H         

  E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H           E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H         

                                      1. _____________
  E  E  Q    Q       E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H           E  E  H           

 2. _________             

Duration Legend
W - whole
H - half
Q - quarter
E - 8th
S - 16th
T - 32nd
X - 64th
. - note dotted
|-n-|  - n-tuplets
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4 comments on Queen Rutela

Wonderful tab.


This is a great tab, and also my first experience with fingerpicking.

A beautfiul song, but I think it's called Serenade of Water

actually this is the queen's

actually this is the queen's theme. IT is very similar to serenade of water, but slightly differnt. :) but very close. It is hard to decipher sometimes. ^.^ but it is truely a beautiful song.

mmm, very beatiful.

mmm, very beatiful.

Truly the most amazing and

Truly the most amazing and beautiful song I've ever heard.