Zelda's Lullaby (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Mar 19, 2011 by OggirtMoonfrad

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Game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Composer(s): Koji Kondo
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle
Series: Legend of Zelda

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Zelda's Lullaby
The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
Koji Kondo
Arranged and tabbed by OggirtMoonfrad

Video of me playing the song:

Acoustic Guitar (Capo 2)

     E  E  Q    Q       E  E  Q    E   E     E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H         

  E  E  Q    Q       E  E  Q    Q       E  E  Q    E   E     E  E  H         

  E  E  Q    Q       E  E  Q    E   E     E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H         

  E  E  Q    Q       E  E  Q    Q        E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H         

  E  E  Q    E  E     E   E   Q     Q        E  E  Q    E  E   

  E   E   H           E  E  Q    E  E     E   E   Q    Q       E  E  Q    Q     

  S S  S S  S S E  S S S S    H.              E  E  Q    Q     

  E  E  Q    E   E     E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H           E  E  Q    Q     

  E  E  Q    Q       E  E  Q    E   E     E  E  H           E  E  Q    Q     

  E  E  Q    E   E     E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H           E  E  Q    Q     

  E  E  Q    Q        E  E  Q    Q       E  E  H          

Duration Legend
W - whole
H - half
Q - quarter
E - 8th
S - 16th
T - 32nd
X - 64th
. - note dotted
|-n-|  - n-tuplets

Tablature Legend
L - tied note
x - dead note
g - grace note
(n) - ghost note
> - accentuded note
NH - natural harmonic
AH - artificial harmonic
TH - tapped harmonic
SH - semi harmonic
PH - pitch harmonic
h - hammer on
p - pull off
b - bend
br - bendRelease
pb - preBend
pbr - preBendRelease
brb - bendReleaseBend
\n/ - tremolo bar dip
\n - tremolo bar dive
-/n - tremolo bar Release up
/n\ - tremolo bar inverted dip
/n - tremolo bar return
-\n - tremolo bar Release down
S - shift slide
s - legato slide
/ -  slide into from below or out of upwards
\ -  slide into from above or out of downwards
~ - vibrato
W - wide vibrato
tr - trill
TP - tremolo picking
T - tapping
S - slap
P - pop
< - fade in
^ - brush up
v - brush down
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7 comments on Zelda's Lullaby

Nice man


nice arrangement man...not too hard and sounds great

thank you



in my opinion it sounds better without the capo

Travusan-Rex said in my

Travusan-Rex said

in my opinion it sounds better without the capo

So play it without the capo, I only used the capo because my guitar in the video did. You really feel that warrants my tab a 2 star rating?

Unless you genuinely feel the tab is inaccurate or "bad", I would appreciate it if you reconsider your rating.

I was wondering if maybe they

I was wondering if maybe they played it in the wrong tuning, so I started playing it in standard to see what it sounds like...

Have you actually tried playing this tab in standard tuning? I know that playing it in the wrong tuning makes it totally inaccurate, but it ends up sounding like some really interesting reharmonization with a totally different character. There's just a few notes that sound bad this way--could make it into a funny arrangement by changing just 3 or 4 notes ;-)

Haha just tried it, it's a

Haha just tried it, it's a bit weird but yeah sounds very interesting. The way the melody stays the same over the unusual chords gives the whole thing a very different feel, slightly sinister almost.

Reminds me of Japanese temple shrines for some reason...

Also, he may be picking up on the fact that without the capo it is in fact in the original key, whereas adding the capo raises the key by 2 semitones somewhat unnecessarily. However I merely used the capo due to the shoddiness of my guitar, but hey, as long as the tuning is correct, its zelda's lullaby.

your version in the video


your version in the video kind of reminds me of a temple shrine.

Please keep doing stuff


Please keep doing stuff