Falling Into a Trap With a Sexy Lure (Intro) (Hellsing) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Sep 13, 2014 by Guido777

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Game: Hellsing
Composer(s): Yasushi Ishii
Style: Transcription

This song is also called Kannouteki Yuuwaku no Wana ni Hamatta Hidariashi

AutoScroll: Slow | Medium | Fast
Composed by: Ysushi Ishii
Arranged by: Guy Faithful

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5 comments on Falling Into a Trap With a Sexy Lure (Intro)

How do you play

How do you play the:


-3- Index -5- Pinky -4-

-3- Index
-5- Pinky
-4- Middle
-5- Ring
-4- Thumb / Middle

You can wrap your thumb around to play the A4.

Or it's possible to flatten your middle finger so that it plays the G4 and A4. Just make sure your middle finger doesn't hit against the top e string.

Ooh, that's hard! I can do

Ooh, that's hard! I can do the finger flattening thing, but I can't seem to wrap my thumb around the guitar that far. One of my lankier friends has really long fingers and does that thumb thing, so I know it's possible, but my hand doesn't do it @[email protected]

Hi, I noticed that somebody

Hi, I noticed that somebody replied that you should use your thumb, I didn't even think of that! :D
You can do it either way but what I do is I bar the e and b strings on the third fret while also pressing the 4th fret of the a string with my index finger. This may sound odd but if you can put your index finger at an angle I becomes much easier.

wow, your way was actually

wow, your way was actually more doable than I first would've thought.. The other solution, the thumb reach-around, is definitely impossible for me, especially on an acoustic!

Thanks for the reply :)