Main Theme (Halloween) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Jan 16, 2012 by Ivan666

Average: 4.5 (4 votes)
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Game: Halloween
Composer(s): Unknown
Style: Transcription

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10 comments on Main Theme

What's up with all of these


What's up with all of these new users posting crappy tabs?

Halloween theme?... Really? SMH

And why are they being allowed to do this?
I thought this one was a little out of line for "gametabs"

There's nothing wrong with

There's nothing wrong with the tab. The tabber can't help it if the song itself is simple

Yea, but if you actually


Yea, but if you actually listen to the song it changes octaves or gets lower. It doesn't play that the whole time. That's the reason for the poor rating.

My concern is that I wait for like a week for my tabs to be submitted(no problem with waiting)and they're always sick songs from sick games. Now the twitterers and such are posting tabs out of nowhere with little or no relevence to the original site?. I guess I just don't know how to do it hehe =^.^=

I also already knew how to


I also already knew how to play this a better way with the variations of that meledy and the deep/dark chords as well.

How are they posting without anyone's consent?
I think that's what kinda shocks me hahaha

They are getting consent. Me

They are getting consent. Me or some other mod has to approve of tabs that are submitted using the submit guitar tab feature at the top of the site same as the forums.

There are no rules about how complicated or lenghty a tab has to be, and since the notes were accurate (I didn't hear the octave change that you mentioned) I have no choice but to post the tab.

Oh I see. Watch this though


Oh I see. I thought they were gonna start bypassing you guys or something. Like the next song I'd see was gonna be "Sweet Home Alabama" or some crud haha

Watch this though, straight up stolen hahaha

I don't know if that means it

I don't know if that means it was stolen. With such a simple melody it could easily just be coincidence. Now I get what you meant by the octave change. It's not really an octave change, just the notes moving down or up a step, but that doesn't happen in the atari game music.

Oh word? I thought it was the


Oh word? I thought it was the movie hahahaha
Ya It could def be a coincidence, I was joking around.

I was more so confused with the mysterious tab out of nowhere. But i'm glad to hear that they can't post whatever they want whenever they like.

Wasn't sure whether it was a full octave or just a few steps, been a long time since I thought about this one hehe

Hope I didn't offend YOU with my less than pleasant response to this tab hahaha
Keep doin what you do man, you're a cool cat =^.^=

lol. Easiest tab ever?


Easiest tab ever?

I do owe you an apology


I do owe you an apology though Ivan666. Me sorry (^_^;)
I totally didn't realize that it was an Atari game. haha
Marijuana is bad mmmkay