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Can't sleep, so I was


Happy Strumming!

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Can't sleep, so I was practicing some

Wow, that's really good


I haven't had a chance to trim my hedges recently. Thanks for visiting anyway...

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Wow, that's really good Kabuki! However, even though I said I would model for you, I wasn't expecting you to plaster me all over the internet D:

Re: Artwork


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Yeah Bender! Boo Peter Griffin! Well, I guess he can be okay, but he's vastly inferior to Bender.

Also, Michelle Obama is an evil alien.

playing around this weekend


Happy Strumming!

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playing around this weekend

Wow, those are really nice.


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Wow, those are really nice.



fuck yeah


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I was like, the fuck does that first one looks so familiar from.
oh shit kabuki I saw your post on /ic/ last night.

You're a pretty bitchin painter, I had no idea! Why you gotta be so well rounded? While your values are fine, my only complaint is that its all really saturated. very bright colors everywhere. (your last piece is the exception). If you use more a good mix of greyish colors and bright saturated ones, the saturated colors seem to pop out more.
don't even think you were asking for a critique but eh, never hurts!

Re: playing around this weekend


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Kabukibear said

playing around this weekend

I don't know why, but my first association is with this serious guy))

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