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Is my computer cursed?

Brave Toaster

Joined: Nov 08 2009

Good afternoon, fellows. As I managed to see in the foruns, this site had a short downtime due to memory issued. However, the problem seems to have liked my computer quite a bit:

The front page appears like that, and I can't really for anywhere from there. It works if I use google for a Cache Version, or if I access from another computer here, though.

Does anybody knows what could that be?

Hit F5 and god shall deliver



Joined: Aug 15 2008

Hit F5 and god shall deliver his wrath

Actually, if reloading


Joined: Sep 06 2008

Actually, if reloading doesn't work, hold shift and hit reload. If that doesn't work clear the cache in your browser.



Clearing cache failed for me.


Joined: Nov 09 2022

Clearing cache failed for me. Madalin Stunt Cars Any other method?