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Bump for Great Parm


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Saved for posterity and for those who missed cooking with Kabukibear in IRC.

let me give you my recipe for chicken parm that's easy as nigger fuck

alright so go to publix

and get some chicken breasts with the fat cut off if you can, thin breasts are good. get italian bread crumbs, pesto, eggs, some tasty sauce

also get parmesan cheese and some mozzerella

all that shit should only cost something like 20 something


so take your chicken out, and pat it dry

with a paper towel

put on some motherfucking salt and pepper

both sides, don't be a nigger

crack and egg or two in a bowl

in another bowl put in some of your bread crumbs,

add a little parmesan cheese to you bread crumbs

beacause that's just how you roll

so put some plastic wrap over the chicken, and beat the fuck out of it

I don't have a meat hammer, so I use a fucking pan

anyway, you just want the thick part of the chikcen to be the same thickness as the thin part

so get it close

dunk it in the egg, then the bread crumbs, and get that bitch nice and covered

the real recipe calls for flour but that shit doesn't do shit, you can't tell the difference and more bread crumbs stick to the chicken without it

I've tried both ways, so it doesn't matter

if you want to go traditional, cover it the chicken in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs

what the fuck ever

ok, so you're dipping your shit and breading them

put them back on the cutting board

here's a secret, let them set breaded for a good 15 minutes at room temp

the breading will stick much better

ok, after you've finished breading set your oven to preheat to 350

maybe 10 minutes later, get a pan out add a little olive oil, and set it to heating up

maybe medium high

by the time your oven is pre heated the pan on top should be hot enough

put maybe 1 or 2 at a time in the pan, don't over crowd

cook them about 1-2 minutes per side

you're not cooking, you're just browning them, getting them crispy

then move them in a casserole dish or a pan with foil

so do this for all the breasts, I usually make 4 at a time so it takes me 2 trips

so once they are nice and browned and in the dish, here is a secret

for great parm

don't go crazy with the sauce

so many recipes say put sauce in the dish, then the chicken, then dump sauce on top

but no

spoon out the sauce, and spread it on top of the breasts

like you would if you were say putting mayo on top of a sandwich

just cover the breasts with a layer of sauce

trust me, if you do it this way you will never look back

you will realize how often you've had soggy cheese balls that you call chicken parm

now, put on a layer of parm, not that much!

again, less is more

next, put on a little pesto

this is a cool treat

if you have fresh basil use it

but I doubt you do, so pesto is a nice little substitue

just don't go crazy with it

and finally top with a layer of mozzerall



put it in the preheated over for 18-20 minutes

you don't want the cheese dark brown

just slightly brown, otherwise it will come off in a giant cheese slab

and consider yourself lucky, most places don't even mother with the mozz


I will make this


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I will make this



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