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Yugioh Cards anyone?


Joined: Feb 17 2009

Recently i've been needing a new revenue for my family and me. So i started selling Perler art but that didn't take off. So now im gonna try selling Yugioh cards! check it out

I need more input about how to sell these better. Also if this is soliciting and it is not allowed here i will erase this. Any help will be appreciated.

xaaxuu, basically, most


Joined: May 26 2010

xaaxuu, basically, most people are not going to want to buy something unless they know exactly what they're getting.

competitive yugioh players are only going to look for cards that carry a certain rarity in the competitive avenue. the foil rarity for these cards is all over the place (many are actually commons, quite a few are rares, etc), so I suggest you look up some of the top tier decktypes or who won the last few tournaments. then you're going to have a ton of people who want to emulate that person's deck and sidedeck, meaning they will pay top dollar for the cards that person used in battle.

instead of trying to sell any 4 for a dollar, or a pricing scheme like that, try looking for the cards people are most likely to use based on decktype and previous ebay sales of the same card. also try to sell it in mint condition, sets of 3 (usually people don't care about 1st edition).

what I'm getting at is don't make one ad, instead just find the rarest and most played cards you have and sell those in their own specific ads. i haven't played in years but commons like 3x Gravekeeper's Spy, and 2x Royal Decree are usually involved in high level play.

aside from that, you can package all your theme based cards (black garden, lightsworn, gladiator beast, etc), and sell those as a set.

good luck getting sales, and I wish you all the best.

- ak


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Re: xaaxuu, basically, most


Joined: Feb 17 2009

1.For the ,know what there getting thing, i give them that list to CHOOSE from it's not random

2.Where do i find who won some tournaments?

3.As for the 4 for a dollar thing i put it as low as i can so that it would show up first in the buy it now and lowest price. I tried selling a lot of these for a month at the regular price and got about 100 views. Just today i had to relist the lot cause time had run out and i put it at $1.00 and free shipping and already i have got 50 views on the first day. Im trying to drive people to the custom lot instead of the 4. Because if i get people who want hundreds of cards that would be awesome.

5.Thanks for all the advice. I usually don't get anything from anybody.


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