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Chrono Trigger - Intro


Joined: May 03 2010

Chrono Trigger - Intro

Hi. I see you use


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I see you use Tuxguitar! Are you on Linux? It looks like you have UNIX line endings in your file, so if I open it in Notepad (or if someone downloads it with the download link), it'll look like gibberish. I converted it to DOS line endings and re-zipped it. You can do that on Linux with:

perl -pi.bak -e 's/\n/\r\n/' filename.txt

I only mention this because some other moderators might not be able to convert the file for you, and if they can't open your tab, they won't be able to post it!

Anyway, here is your tab:

I noticed one thing about it that seemed incongruous, though. In the GP5 file, it starts with a 10, but on the TXT, it starts with a 0. The 10 sounds better. Do you want me to edit it to say 10? Let me know!