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Tab Hunter Looking for Work



Joined: Oct 02 2009

Hey, I'm Dax, you can call me Josh.

I'm currently available for work, and searching for anyone who has a list of tabs they want or have always wanted. Please Reply, either to here, or to my new Email address
([email protected])

Give me a list, a single, or even an album, and I will do my best to get them for you. Since this computer I'm working from is a school computer, I will not have it after May 27th. So this only gives people about 11 days to take me up on this offer.

As of now, my current archive consists of Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy Tabs

I'm open, Thanks Lots, you wont regret it.

what are your rates


Location: Tampa, FL

Joined: Jan 04 2009

what are your rates

Please procure a tab of this

Brainsick Fungus

Minstrel of the Fungal Funk

Joined: Apr 24 2009

Please procure a tab of this song using any means necessary.
Payment will be discussed on delivery of the goods.



Joined: Aug 15 2008

Have fun :)

Re: what are your rates



Joined: Oct 02 2009

What do you mean "My Rates"?

This ain't a hotel, lol.
But seriously, what do you mean?

I guess jacob was refering to



Joined: Aug 15 2008

I guess jacob was refering to your skills. what kind of song (easy, difficult) can you tab?

Re: I guess jacob was refering to



Joined: Oct 02 2009

Well, I don't tab many songs. I seek them out or have friends of mine get together to arrange a new version of it. By my friend It includes me and maybe another guitarist.

Just in case.



Joined: Oct 02 2009

Just in case anyone was wondering, I do not charge anything for these tabs. If you feel inclined to do anything for me, it would be anything from becoming a regular here and a friend to me, or just helping me find some new songs to tab, (like donating mp3's to my email address)

It's "Beneath The Canopy"


Joined: Mar 14 2007

It's "Beneath The Canopy" (OCRemix of Forest Interlude from DKC2)

I love the lead guitar and am dying to learn it.

Youtube can be found here

The MP3 can be found here

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Sorry for just randomly posting. I've been a member here or awhile you probably won't remember me I didn't reply much. I mainly just lurked around and looked at tabs. I am still learning guitar, but am not terrible I prefer classical style songs, but I also like songs like this that are just awesome. Anyway, this post is also now kind of a greeting.



Music hunger

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Joined: Oct 22 2008

RexLeRouge said

Have fun :)


Re: It's "Beneath The Canopy"



Joined: Oct 02 2009

Uhhh, thats quite alright. I love meeting new people and hearing their greeting. Half the trouble on these sights is that I get so lonely (no one EVER hangs out around me online). So your enthusiasm for this song perks me right up. I'm Josh btw. Pleasure.

The pleasure is all mine


Eric: tank,godlike

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Joined: Jan 04 2009

The pleasure is all mine comrade

-puts a bullet in your skull-

Praise the motherland.

When you say you're currently


Joined: Feb 02 2010

When you say you're currently available for work, that makes it sound like you are offering your tabbing service in exchange for money. Just a note.


And then I realized that the chord progression from Chrono Cross's Another World is the same progression as the chorus from Peace of Mind by Boston, and life was never quite the same.

Re: When you say you're currently


Save Your Tears.

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Joined: Jul 03 2009

How should he say it then?


23:33 Vic9mm said: its ture ida benn gone she took out like 3 kids before had what was that fat ass asian kid gonna do

Little J.



Joined: Dec 06 2009

What kind of tabs can u make like fingerstyle arrangments or like duets or electric solo stuff? If u could do fingerstyle that'd be great ^.^


I love you :3

Re: Tab Hunter Looking for Work


Joined: Apr 03 2010

Hello Dax, well it would be awesome to have a tab of either of these pokemon classics. lonlonjp made the best arrangements of them by far.

Pallet Town

Pokemon Center

that is if you enjoy classical style like me ;) best of luck with your quest for tabs

Looking for Work


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