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are you spidercapo or not spidercapo ready ?


Joined: Dec 10 2009

I just discovered this capo wich can select switch each strings :

Wow it seems a great tool to play Open tuning without detune (if as me u don't adore detune yr guitar)

Is anyone already used it ? or has more information or critic about spidercapo

Well in waiting an answer, I can going to watch all Youtube videos about this stuff ^

I found a lot :

I think someone posted a



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I think someone posted a thread about this last year, already.

I have a Third-hand Capo,


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I have a Third-hand Capo, which is basically the grandfather of this. I originally bought it after viewing Antoine Dufour's Memory of the Future video, which I was intent on learning. I've had it for quite a while now and have made a few tabs that use it, but I have not posted them on this site. I planned on writing up a little review and guide on how to read tabs using a third-hand style capo.

These two capos are basically the same. Both can emulate open tunings and can be clamped/unclamped mid-song. It is important to note that when using these for open tuning emulation, they only emulate some of the chord formations of the tuning they are mimicking.

I have to say that this one looks to be a bit easier to clamp/unclamp mid-song. I usually have to grease up my capo somehow to be able to move it effortlessly... otherwise there can be a bit of friction, and while still easy to turn it does not move as smoothly. On the flip side, it doesn't look as stable and I have heard similar comments regarding that from owners of the capo.

I searched before post this


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I searched before post this topic inside our forum but didnt find something about spidercapo, it why i create a new one.

On Youtube, after saw people recordings, it seems spidercapo works very well

According u said Natenm, this kind of tool works so it's a gret new for me coz I 'm always lazy to detune my guitar, so this spidercapo will save me : a lot of good tab are D-tuning , I tried to rearrange to Std-Tuning but generally it desn't sounds as good as original.

Well I m gonna probably buy it, Thanks for infos

 "I planned on writing up a little review and guide on how to read tabs using a third-hand style capo"


Software Development


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You might be wondering if you're ready for Spidercapo. Well, I wasn't sure myself. But after reading the reviews and seeing it in action on my friends i knew that it was definitely worth the cost. Lets check and gain more informtion about the marketing. In this post I'll tell you what the problems were, how you can fix those problems, and how well it has worked out for me so far.

Software Development


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Software Development


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I agree with everything you


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I agree with everything you say. Your comments will help me get ideas for the tiny fishing thesis I am researching.

If you are confused between


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