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New forum issue


Nate Brooks

Location: Utah

Joined: Jan 05 2011

Hi guys,

I was going to check out the new forum and I get a weird error.

I clicked on the bright green banner on the front page. The one here:

I was logged in already but when I come here it says I'm not logged in.

So when I try to log in I get this error:

If I go to the new forum via the menu button, the darker green button on the black menu shown here:

Now I'm already logged in and no error

So, if you log out on the


Joined: Jan 11 2007

So, if you log out on the main site, and then log back in again, you should be logged in on both the main site and the new forum. Sorry for the trouble. Not sure how else to handle this situation other than forcing a logout, which I don't really want to do.





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