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Pixel Mixers next albums theme polls + feel free to join !


Location: Liège (Belgium)

Joined: Mar 04 2008

Hey guys!

With the Pixel Mixers guys we are voting for the theme of some of our next albums. We did semi-finals polls and now here are the 2 finals, one for our next FF album and one for an album we'll do in summer :D

Everyone from the VGM community is free to join us on those album as long as you cna make good quality recordings =)

Maybe you can join our chat and talk about VGM, covers, contests and albums here:

Anyway, here are the final polls:
- Final Fantasy:
- Summer album:

Thanks a lot for voting.

And as a small bonus here is the downloads numbers of all the albums i've organized, both with gametabs and pixel mixers (green square = gametabs, blue square = Pixel Mixers)

And by the way, we lack of folk and classical guitar players ! :o

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