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Final Fantasy XV - Love Lost


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My first tab here finally :D I hope I'm doing everything right :D

I just thought that there should be more FFXV tabs by now...

Could you create a guitar pro and pdf file as well


John Lee

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good job btw.

I'll upload it with the guitar pro file.

Edit: Posted

There you go! :D


Joined: Jan 18 2017



Im working on more FFXV Tabs, next one is propably Apocalypsis Noctis!

"Lost love"


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The title "Lost love" evokes sad emotions in me and reminds me of the most difficult and protracted period in my life. I have never had such a deep depression. I thought I couldn't make it. I had to seek help from specialists in psychology and find out more closely what is calmerry Fortunately, therapy quickly gave a positive result, but even now memories often return, but I am glad that they no longer hurt me so much.