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FFXV - Relax and Reflect (Pensive) & Mii Channel Theme


Joined: Nov 19 2014

Hi Everyone, i haven't been very active with tabbing lately, so i thought i'd say g'day and share some tabs i've had on the backburner...

FFXV - Relax and Reflect (Pensive)
Youtube Link
Probably my favourite track from the new FF game, this plays when you rest towards the later stages of the game. Beautifully melancholic and fits the tone of the game perfectly

Mii Channel Theme
Youtube Link
I did this for a laugh and now i'm half stuck on trying to make the last section solo bossa nova style

annnnnd for Choogly in particular (not even close to finished unfortunately)
Banjo Tooie - Glitter Gulch Mine
Youtube Link

I'm having trouble actually finishing tabs lately, i seem to get 3/4 of the way though them and lose motivation. Anyone run into this before and/or have any ideas on how to combat this? I think setting apart 30 minutes a day could be effective but i don't want to turn a hobby into a chore

Also, i'd love to hear what you think on any of the tabs (first one especially) - should i change the time signature to 6/4 or 12/4 instead of using so many tripleted notes in the first piece? Jazz chords aren't quite my forte so let me know if you think any are 'wrong'

Hope everybody stays safe and has a Happy New Year as well

Same here...


Joined: Sep 04 2014

I'm in about the same position myself. No use forcing it, since that will have the opposite effect. Just gotta wait for inspiration to strike. For me it usually comes after I get a song or tune stuck in my head, and the urge to tab it out or to finish that tab finally boils over.

Though I think in my case it has to do with it being the holidays and the house being full and busy and noisy all day, every day. Can't focus on tabs with such distractions. And then the nights are cold and I'd rather bury myself under a pile of blankets and watch tv than sit in front of my computer playing guitar with cold hands, haha.

With the FFXV tab, personally I find the group-of-3 brackets to be useful for glancing at the notation, dividing it up and imagining how it should sound. If you switch it to 6/4 or 12/8 time, the standard notation looks a bit messy IMO. It's also got that shuffle rhythm, but doesn't adhere to it quite strictly enough to put the whole thing in triplet feel. Sounds jazzy and cool and seems to translate well to guitar, but also sounds difficult to tab. Also in bar 6: a dotted, group-of-3'd quarter note is the same as a plain old quarter note ;P

Oh man, that Mii Channel theme takes me back. I used to spend hours making random Miis like Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Billy Mays, Bill Cosby, Hitler, etc lol. Good times. I hope you'll finish this one because now I want to play the whole thing :)

Happy (almost) New Year!

Yeah i just hope i come out


Joined: Nov 19 2014

Yeah i just hope i come out of the slump sooner rather than later as i've finally got time to tab but no motivation!! Exact opposite over here in Australia, it's a nice sunny 33 C perfect for a jam :)

It is a little tricky to tab honestly, i took the inspiration to start it from this old tab since i thought they sounded remotely similar! and yes i'l get the Mii channel one done sooner rather than later i think it's soooo close to done i can feel it !!


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I found some random


Joined: Sep 04 2014

I found some random motivation when I got bored of backtracking in Star Ocean and decided to tab out one of the town themes :)
Any such luck on your end?

Re: I found some random


Joined: Nov 19 2014

None so far but i'm loving the influx of new tabs (yours included!) so motivation can't be far away i'm sure


facebook: /brent.quinn5

Yeah we did get some fun ones


Joined: Sep 04 2014

Yeah we did get some fun ones this time around :) When your tabbing inspiration strikes try and turn it into momentum!

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