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Some of my WIPs


Joined: Sep 04 2014

WIPs zip

Here are some tabs I've been working on but haven't completed for *various reasons*

Glass no Mikazuki - Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge ED
youtube AMV
Need to finish variations from the 2nd verse onward...

ideal white - Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (1st season) OP
Official music video
Chorus still incomplete. I was experimenting with slowing the tempo and making it more ballad-like...

Kimi no Moji - Charlotte Ep 13 insert song
the song
Still working with the final chorus's key change and outro
E string tuned down half-step to make chords easier (or else use your thumb for half the song)
Jun Maeda writes the best songs.

Tale of the Tongues - Skyrim bard song
song wav
I had a friend rip the sound files and send them to me to tab. They came as 1 file per verse, with varying lengths of silence at the ends. So I spliced them together (imperfectly). Track 1 is fingerstyle incorporating the vocal melody. Track 2 is (mostly) transcription of the background guitar (or lute maybe).

ideal white Update


Joined: Sep 04 2014

ideal white (wip) zip
ideal white (wip) txt

I made some decent progress on this one and thought I'd share the updated tab. Completed the chorus and made through the second verse, up to the guitar solo of the full track version. Transcribing and adapting the guitar solo isn't very fun so it may be a while before I'll get around to finishing this one -_-

I included some notes on finger positions for the places it may not be so obvious, like the Index+Pinky chord in bar 3. Capo on 6 for original key, but it does sound quite good on capo 4 and especially on capo 1 :)

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