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Ichinichi, Hajimarimasu - High School DxD


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Ichinichi, Hajimarimasu zip
Ichinichi, Hajimarimasu txt

On youtube (obligatory DxD NSFW warning)

vgmdb info
Disc 1, track 2
music by Ryosuke Nakanishi

Yes I do indeed love staccato <3 Staccato and trills are a match made in heaven. Just like oppai and anime.

Sorry about the readability of the txt during that maaaaaaassive trill at the end. I like to try and tab the trills accurately rather than rely on Guitar Pro's "trill" button, which is inaccurate a lot of the time.


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While some people may think that there is only one main character in High School DxD, the truth is there are a lot more of them than meets the eye. This show is about a school for magical girls, or magical boys as it’s usually called. So you can get this Essaymama and gain new things of study. The magical boys are given power as a result of possessing their victims. This power can be used to trap or kill demons that would otherwise harm humans.

High School


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You got me interested. Where can I watch the full version? I'm so tired of studying and want to relax. I was engaged in my educational projects for a long time and eventually gave up and decided to delegate phd proposal writing to professionals. That way I can be sure that I will get a high mark as a result. This is my main goal. Now I am free and with pleasure I will look at something interesting to distract myself.

I like Ichinichi,


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I like Ichinichi, Hajimarimasu - High School. The characters are interesting and the story is interesting. The animation and music are good too. Hajimarimasu is a very interesting and fun webcomic. I am a huge fan of it, and I would recommend this k2 paper for sale cheap price it to anyone interested in reading webcomics. The art is beautiful and the storyline is interesting. It's a great way to get lost in your thoughts for a while.