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New password request does not work!


Joined: Oct 05 2016

It says "Further instructions have been sent to your E-Mail", but there's nothing, even in spam folder. :(

My old nickname was "BSoD_D". I can't reset my password, so I created new account.

***Performs summoning ritual


Joined: Jan 20 2012

***Performs summoning ritual for Ash***

They've been doing behind the scenes changes to the site, so little bits like to pop up.

BigHeadClan, I think


Joined: Sep 06 2008

BigHeadClan, I think Archard's taken back over:

Hopefully Archard can fix it soon. Harker.Meow, try sending Archard a private message?

Well, welcome back to the site, I guess :-)



Hah right got them mixed up


Joined: Jan 20 2012

Hah right got them mixed up touche Auri. lol

Can anyone replicate this? I


Joined: Jan 11 2007

Can anyone replicate this? I definitely get the email. In the meantime, I'm happy to change your username if you'd like.





Joined: Sep 25 2016

I HAD THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I almost gave up and made a new account, but then it finally miraculously worked.