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Eyecatch A and B - High School DxD


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Eyecatch A and B zip
Eyecatch A and B txt

Eyecatch A and Eyecatch B on youtube (beware of NSFW thumbnails on related videos; I just spotted some blatant oppai-groping while posting this!)

Song and album info on vgmdb
Disc 1, tracks 17 and 18
Music Composed and Arranged by Ryosuke Nakanishi

I combined both into a single tab with a single tuning, even though Eyecatch 2 would be slightly easier with the capo moved up 2 frets. These are played pretty much back-to-back during the episodes anyways.

If you choose to look up the songs, be very careful as the eyecatches are VERY NSFW!!! (and also make excellent desktop wallpapers and PS3 backgrounds ftw)

Edit: Whoops, that first 0 in Eyecatch B after the trill was absolutely supposed to be a 5! Updated.


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Very high quality work!


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Very high quality work!

Thank you for sharing.


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This is a long post, but don't worry. It's just the eyecatch, I'll get to everything else later. I prefer to follow this and get help with assignments. This post will cover two eyecatches that appeared in episode 4 of High School DxD. Both are quite different and represent a different take on the afterlife/Heaven/Hell concept introduced in the show.

High School


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