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What do you think of this Tremolo?


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I didnt make it sound like i didnt want to
Any constructive criticism?

I think it could use a bit of


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I think it could use a bit of work... but that being said, it is much better than other's I've heard. Great job, Salem!

EDIT: my tremolo is not that bad until i start actually learning songs XD.

Slow down.


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Slow down.



Spanish Romance



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Great song choice.
Needs a little practice, but aside from that its awesome, better than most of us anyway >_>


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I think it sounds good, just



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I think it sounds good, just at some points it seems a little inconsistent.

I've seen worse


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I've seen worse coughlonlonjpcough


Watch me:

it's actually pretty good.



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it's actually pretty good. your a-m-i has a tendency to be a bit blurry. An exercise I like is setting the metronome at maybe 80 = eighth note to start with, damping the strings with your left hand so you can better focus on just the evenness of the rhythm, and playing a 16th note tremolo, so two notes per beat, focusing on giving the notes equal time. You can try doing various string crossing patterns with the right hand, especially involving the thumb since it moves around the most in tremolo pieces.


Is this the end of zombie Shakespeare?

Another thing



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You tend to randomly stop at various times, 'spanish romance' needs to be more fluid.
Again, more practice can fix this.


P h i l a n t r o p h y ~ "To Let The World Be"

sounded choppy. Should sound


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sounded choppy. Should sound like 1 continuous note or thats what I aim for