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Hiya from Dragonranger


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Hi all. I've recently started playing guitar and found my way to this site. Im pretty new to playing and dont know alot. I picked up a $100 Epiphone (electric) from guitarcenter and have been trying to practice whenever I can. However Im starting to wonder if an electric was the right buy or if I should have gone with an acoustic. I love rock music which is why i choose an electric but have found myself here trying to do Final Fantasy, chrono cross/trigger music or Kingdom hearts more than any rock.

At any rate im have fun jamming and maybe in the future I'll grab another $100 starter acoustic. For now im trying to conquer the following songs: (I LOVE THIS ON MY ELECTRIC) ( I can play the notes but it sounds really off and I dont have the tempo down I think.) ( I could not for the life of me do the rob scallion one and am having more luck with this)

Hey there ! Welcome in the


VG Maniak

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Hey there !

Welcome in the fabulous world of video game music, make yourself at ease !
Learning to play guitar is a great experience, with its ups and downs, but in the end, there's nothing as satisfactory as being able to play your favorite songs (or in this case, favorite VG songs :p), and creating your own music.

Now, it's not a matter of gear, unless you want to record yourself, and then cheap instruments will most likely do no good. If you want to grab an acoustic guitar (folk or classical, that's up to you), I'd recommend saving money for a while, and grabbing a more expensive one. Maybe a mid-range, for about 400-500 bucks.
There will be more possibilities, soundwise (a much greater dynamic range), and it will just be more comfortable to play.

As for your timing issues, I can't stress that enough : USE A METRONOME.
If you can't buy one (or don't want to), there are pretty cool digital metronomes on smartphones.
Just find one that suits you, and play songs along with it, or just nod some exercises (like playing 5-6-7-8 on each string, one note on each beat, and then the 5 and 7 on the beat, and the other two inbetween -> this will give you sore fingers, don't overdo it until you get used to it. 10-15 minutes a day should be just fine) over and over again until you get it right.

If you want to play like Rob Scallon (good choice, this guy is a great player), just keep it up, and eventuelly you'll be able to pull off some tasty stuff as well.

See ya on Gametabs !


Check out my VGM cover channel ! :p

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