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Kaze no Uta - Tales of Zestiria the X


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Kaze no Uta zip <- Gp5, mid, pdf, txt (Mega link because impending file browser doom)
Kaze no Uta txt (File browser still somewhat useful for opening txt file in new window to check if it's the sort of tab you like) :P

Song on Youtube (If the video gets zapped, I can post a mp3)

Song info on vgmdb
Composed by Takeshi Asakawa
Lyrics by Kohshi Asakawa
Full version to be released 8/24

Yeah, this is my favorite OP of the new season ^^ Kaze no Uta, performed by FLOW, as opening theme song to Tales of Zestiria the X. Haven't played the game, but the anime is good so far, as expected of ufotable.

As far as the tab, the tempo is kind of fast. Bars 18 and 29 are a bit technical, as they have 16th triplets. What I do is use my ring finger for the note that makes it a triplet and pluck with Index+Middle the surrounding notes, kind of like tremolo. Or you can always just strum it or omit the middle harmony notes... Also, some of the grace notes are slides.

I wound up making a fairly detailed multi-instrument worktab this time around. If anyone wants it, here it is. I don't intend on fixing any of the wrong notes though haha.

I may or may not upgrade this to the full-length version when it comes out. It'll depend on if I like the full version enough. I still haven't finished the full version God Eater ED either...

*Edit: I fixed a couple notes I had misheard. Files updated.

*Edit 2: Added some more notes to fill out the chorus. Slightly more difficult, but it sounds better for it. Should be last update.

Just a little bump for anyone


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Just a little bump for anyone who might have been playing this before, and hasn't seen that I updated it :3

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Thanks as always for your patience


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Actually I do feel a bit guilty about piling up your workload sometimes. I just throw the tabs up here as I finish them, as the final part of the routine. But I don't have any more tabs close to completion at the moment, so you will have a brief respite from me at least ;)