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to the beginning - Fate/Zero


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to the beginning zip <-gp5, mid, txt, pdf
to the beginning txt

Song info on vgmdb
Performed by Kalafina
Words and music by Yuki Kajiura

Song on youtube (Official music video) I can Mega link an mp3 for the mods if need be.
Also here's the anime OP that features the song too. Does anyone else try and sing along with it whenever you watch? lol

Second opening theme song from the anime Fate/Zero. Easily one of my all time favorite anime themes. I had wanted to tab this out for the longest time and now I finally have. Tab is for standard tuning with capo on 7. Lots of key changes in the song which made it difficult to tab out. The violin solo parts in the intro and outro are barre chorded and difficult so that the chorus can sound the best with open notes and have more notes available for the chord shapes.


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