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Hatsuyuki Sakura - Night Dance


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Game: Hatsuyuki Sakura (PC)
Song: Night Dance
Composer: Mizutsuki Ryou

Tab download:

Original song:

This is enchantingly


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This is enchantingly beautiful. Thank you.

Thanks. I wasn't very


Location: Finland

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Thanks. I wasn't very confident about this one as I haven't touched the guitar in ages. Glad you liked it.

Edit: Made the tab play and read a little nicer

Agreed, beautiful song nicely


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Agreed, beautiful song, nicely arranged


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"Hatsuyuki Sakura Night



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"Hatsuyuki Sakura Night Dance" is a traditional Japanese dance that is performed during the winter season. It is a popular dance among both the young and old and is often performed at festivals and other cultural events. While it may seem complicated at first glance, the dance is actually considered a beginner dance and can be easily learned with practice. The dance is typically performed in a group, with dancers wearing traditional costumes and moving in synchronicity to the beat of the music.