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Styx Helix Slow Version - Re:Zero


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midi,txt, gp5
txt file

Arrangement heavily based off JB AnimePiano's transcription

Not sure what the song is called as the ost is not yet released, but it's essentially a slower modified arrangement of the show's ending theme Styx Helix. the ED was composed and played by Myth and Roid, but composer for the the show's usual pieces is Suehiro Kenichiro so he may be the correct name to list here. Once the OST is released i'll update song name and composer if necessary

Detune the 3rd string G to F# and sustain notes where possible for best results

Sounds nice :) Probably my


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Sounds nice :) Probably my fav show this season. That tuning is listed in GP's Tuning Library as "Lute or Vihuella Tuning". First I've used it or even heard of it, though.

Yep, one of tomorning's ARIA


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Yep, one of tomorning's ARIA tabs Mangetsu no dolce is written in lute tuning and that's about the only other one I've seen!


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Here are all the tabs on the site with that tuning


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