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Forest of Illusion - Super Mario World


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Forest of Illusion zip <-gp5, mid, pdf, txt
Txt file sneak peek

Song on youtube

Song/Album info via vgmdb
Disc 2, Track 49
Composed by Koji Kondo

This song came to me in a dream and I just had to tab it out. I've been struggling with another tab for the last few days so working on this was a much needed change of pace.

Fun fact: I used to heavily mess around with SMW level editing via Lunar Magic. I've got some pretty cool custom switch palaces that rely on glitches to clear and I've got a revamped version of Morton's Castle that starts out exactly the same, but then the last door takes you to my version which stays faithful to the original layout while increasing difficulty and relies on glitches to progress. Never posted the rom patches anywhere, but I did have a name picked out: Super Mariocalypse lol.

Great job! This piece always


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Great job! This piece always makes me think of the animated show, source material for many a YTP.

Haha, thanks. For me this


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Haha, thanks. For me this track makes me think Blue Switch Palace: Start!


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