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John Lee

Location: Vancouver, BC

Joined: Sep 17 2015

I hate waiting long for my tabs to be approved. That being said I can't blame the moderators for it. After all there isn't a lot of them around, and they each have their own life to attend to.


I uploaded a spreadsheet to make it easier for moderators to find unapproved tabs that demand urgent request. The spreadsheet is here. To add the tabs to the sheet, there's an easy-to-use form RIGHT HERE. It doesn't matter if it's not yours provided you cite the right creator.

You can help by adding unapproved tabs for the moderators.

I am going to make sheet management a whitelist system. If you're a moderator or a reliable contributor send me a edit request to the sheet so that I can accept you. If you abuse the edit power I will undo you're modifications and remove your edit privileges.

Please share this form so that we can make gametabs better.

Does that actually help


Location: Turku, Finland

Joined: Aug 18 2012

Does that actually help though? I don't know, maybe it would, but I'm pretty sure moderators can see the unapproved tabs listed somewhere in the submissions, and once that are submitted through forums are right there.
One of the reason it takes awhile is that they try to do it at patches of five tabs so that everyone can be on the home page for few days.

I've noticed that trend. I


Nate Brooks

Location: Utah

Joined: Jan 05 2011

I've noticed that trend. I know I'd be a little irked if I submitted a tab and mine ended up being bumped off the front page right after its approval...



John Lee

Location: Vancouver, BC

Joined: Sep 17 2015

Who knows? I think it could help with organizing which five tabs to release at a time. Would work even better if there's like a council of moderators or something.

I thought that the spreadsheet would help with finding old tabs that weren't yet accepted. Non-moderators do come in and check out the unaccepted tabs, and leave comments behind. In case it leads to confusion, this spreadsheet is meant to be a work-around.

To know if this would works, we'll have to test it out. If it flops we can just forget that the spreadsheet even existed.