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Checkmate - Dagashi Kashi


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Opening song from Dagashi Kashi. Performed by Michi -
midi, txt, gp5
text file

fingerstyle/arrangement, capo 1 130 bpm
I've taken a few creative liberties with this piece. Pretty high tempo so definitely listen to the midi file or original to get a feel for the song.

composed by Elements garden (Junpei Fujita) -

This tab sounds cool as heck.


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This tab sounds cool as heck. I think I'm gonna have to learn this one. Those chords are pretty interesting. Nice job, quinn!

thanks man!


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Cheers! Yeah i snuck a few hendrix chords (F7#9 i think) in there but I'm super happy with how it turned out, funky song and not tooooo difficult either once you get the rhythm down


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What MechaKrauser said, good fingerstyle interpretation. The guitars in the original sound great too.


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