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Say Goodbye - .hack//Sign


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Say Goodbye zip <-txt, gp5, mid, pdf

song/album info via vgmdb
Track 16, music composed & arranged by Yuki Kajiura

Low audio quality youtube link (also it's part of someone's caption slide-show, since I couldn't find the song elsewhere in that neighborhood, besides covers)
Here's the mp3 I used.

Say Goodbye, from the .hack//Sign ost. This song was suggested to me by judei in a requests thread from a while back. And now I finally finished it so I hope you find this, judei! It's a great track and my tab doesn't really give it the justice it deserves!


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I sent a PM to judei with a link to your tab


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Oh thanks. I was going to do


Joined: Sep 04 2014

Oh thanks. I was going to do the same thing after the tab got approved lol