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Final Fantasy VII & Xenogears


Joined: Jul 30 2015

Aerith's Theme, Flight with other tabs I have worked on.

Rough Versions.
Adios - Shadow Hearts from the New World, Aerith's Theme - FFVII,
Aruarian Dance - Samurai Champloo, Daiji na Hito Dakara - kimikiss pure rouge,
Red Stained Hands & Two People Spinning Time - Tenchu Kurenai.

Good Version.
Izayoi - Shinobi 3, Flight - Xenogears (Solo Piano Collection),
Kakariko Village (Milk Bar) - LoZ : A Link Between worlds,
Lorule Main Theme (Milk Bar) - LoZ : A Link Between worlds,
Mii Apartments - Tomodachi Collection, Suna no Hoshi - Trigun &
Yonah - Pluck Ver. 2 - NieR Gestalt & Replicant.

New Tabs


Joined: Jul 30 2015

I have been working on.

Danjo no ma ni Nageru Utsukushii Kuuki - Hyouka.
Invitation to Flamenco - Romancing SaGa (Minstrel Song).
Kyoto - Persona 3.
Lament of the Deprived - Black Bullet OUTTAKES.
Sorrow on the Waves - Paper Mario : Sticker Star.
Shingeki - High School DxD BorN.
Those Carrying Solitude - God Eater.

More Tabs


Joined: Jul 30 2015

Taking a long break from tabbing. Uploading everything I have.
Rough tabs.(Double bar lines mark 40 sec of audio).

Bara no Hanabira ga Mau you ni - Hyouka (G1 goes over 24th fret).
Una Limosnita - Ace of Combat 04 : Shattered Skies (G1).
Prelude - Ace of Combat 04 : Shattered Skies (G1 & G2 the last 20 sec).
Theme of Sadness (Guitar Ver) - Genso Suikoden (Rhythm).

Partial 1Guitar (No Progress).
Arranging Characteristics - Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song.
Pleasure Line - Tsubasa wa (Diego Flores Castro Version).

Partial 2Guitars (No Progress).
El Sol se Recuesta - Black Lagoon.
Main Theme (Guitar Ver.) - Senjou no Valkyria 3.
Spirit - Soul Eater.
Time's Scar - Chrono Cross (Super Guitar Bros).
To the Gateway - Super Mario Galaxy.
The Oiwa Home - When Marrie Was There.

YouTube Tabs.
Crossing Field - Sword Art Online. Diego FLores Castro.
Music Box Theme - Resident Evil 3 & Save Room - Resident Evil 4. Fabio Lima.
Ni no Kuni Pieces of a Broken Heart. Lemonade Serenade.
Jiai (Theme for Julia 1) & Seisou (Theme of Conrad) - Kyo Kara Maoh!.WWRobson.

lonlonjp Tabs.
Tabbed 56 in total 18 of them need some work (Strumming, Harmonics and Rhythm).
Added his original Guitar Piece Requiem and 9 Tabbed by YouTube User Alexzuke.

Because Gametabs was asked to take down any "lonlonjp" based tabs that it had on the site.
Will Delete the link Soon.

Hmm SAO, Black Lagoon, soul


Joined: Jan 20 2012

Hmm SAO, Black Lagoon, soul eater and a plethora of Lonlon tabs? Mr Breeze you are a scholar and a gentlemen.