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K.K. Cruisin' - Animal Crossing


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being the foolish fool that i am , i tried to tab this monster and i just didn't know when to quit. Now i've got all the notes down fine, and the rhythm follows the original without being a strict transcription (i'm leaving out the multiple strummed chords and just playing them once for the sake of playability) but the bridge between what's playing in my head and what's written on the sheet music are quite distant.

Basically i would appreciate if someone was so kind to help me figure out time signatures and note durations because i haven't the foggiest how to write them out for this piece.

gp5 here
txt file here with no note durations added
and youtube link to the original -

tuning is D#AC#GBE - gp5 might be the best reference if you just wanna play around with the song but i'd definitely recommend becoming familiar with the original
I'll give it a few days before i submit just incase someone is a genius composer with the nous to fix my disasterpiece

I have nothing to do today xD


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I had a look at it and here's what I got:
cruisin zip
I zipped up a gp5 and midi since i don't know which you'd prefer but I transposed it to a half-step down so I could make better sense of it to myself. Hope you don't mind ;)

I just tabbed out the guitar, strumming and all and added the vocals as a separate track. Not much but I hope it's enough to get you started again.

4/4 time, 180bpm, and the vocal melody seems to use a bit of groups-of-3
Well at least that's what I think.

Btw what's up with that tuning? I thought it may have been an open tuning with a capo or maybe tuned down but I can't make heads or tails of it lol

you legend


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Nice! Yeh i was running into a brick wall tryna fit the sing into the 7/8 framework but i couldn't even begin to make out a proper rhythm for it.

Tuning is a little funky i know - its something i used just so the main 4 chords can remain barred for the most part - this gets more important in the last section when trying to add the voicings toon top in the last half of the song. It also eliminated the need for the x2312x chords which I've always had to play with four fingers, hence the x23126 chord in the second section is virtually unplayable for me ;_; pretty much just the c# string is important there, the d# is there purely to give body to the 3rd chord in the main progression :P

Cheers for your help Mecha, looks like it's back to the drawing board with this one


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Ah the tuning makes sense


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Ah the tuning makes sense now. That's a good idea.

Yeah the intro threw me for a loop at first so I started with what became bar 6 of what I sent you. After that was figured out and I was sure of the time sig and bpm I worked backwards and got the intro one bar at a time.

No prob. Hope it works out for you in the end.