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Radical Dreamers/Fragments of Dreams- Chrono Cross

Lurker McHuge

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I made this arrangement of Radical Dreamers. It has some musical elements from Fragments of a Dream in it too. I would like to know what you guys think of it. Stuff like: is it repetitive, is it bad, are there too many key changes, are some of the fingerings stupid, etc. Also I can't get the .txt version to work properly, so I don't know if I'll be able to submit it until I can get that working.

I h8 tremolo picking but nice


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I h8 tremolo picking

but nice tab. the pace of the song is a bit tricky to get used to (eighths to slow section at 42, then eighths to sixteenth section) but that may be because i'm used to other versions without the variance in pace. Also in bar 42 onwards the bassline is played in essentially a single note per bar format - i think it would've been cool if you managed to keep the bassline going similar to the section before it (bass note played twice or more per bar).

This is all just my own stylistic preferences though, so don't go feeling like you need to change the whole piece because it's a pretty great arrangement

also here's a text file - copy paste that into notepad, fix the tied notes and add note durations and you're good to go


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Guitar Pro 5 for txt files


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Tab sounds good, though I'm not familiar with the original song(s). I'll have to look them up later...

I'll have to agree with quinn about the tremolo picking xD Still too difficult for me atm...

By "can't get the .txt version to work properly" do you mean display the note durations? If so, then that's because Guitar Pro 6 won't do that (I think). Guitar Pro 5 does so I made a quick txt file as well here.
It would seriously be such a pain to add all the note durations manually lol.

You can edit it however you want to. I added 1st and 2nd ending markers since those aren't generated automatically. Also I had to briefly add whole-note rests to the 1st voice in bars 68 and 147 (they exported as quarter notes for some reason). If you make any major changes to the tab I wouldn't mind making another txt file if you'd like, as long as there's a .gp5 to work with.

I had some trouble getting the tab to play back past bar 64. It would just stop there for some reason. I fixed it by adding 6 bars to make the repeat markers unnecessary. Worked fine after that, but it may be just a bug with Guitar Pro 5.

Lurker McHuge

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I agree the transition at 42 causes a break in the piece, and the next section was too sparse overall. I tried to beef it up a little and make the transition smoother.

As for tremolo picking, that part is pretty difficult. I could make an easier alternative to it or just make it optional.

Thanks for the help on the .txt file. That would probably have taken me forever. I'll get started on the final .txt version once the arrangement is finalized.

Thanks for the feedback

@Lurker McHuge


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Cool. I'll keep an eye out for the updated versions.