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Ruined Land - God Eater WIP


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Kouhai Chi WIP zip
^ txt, gp5, mid, pdf

Low audio-quality youtube vid
Here's the mp3 I used to learn it

Song info from vgmdb
M-43 - Ending Theme
Performer: naomi
Composer: Go Shiina
Arranger: Sachiko Miyano
Lyricist: Takayuki Hirao [平尾隆之], naomi

This is the ending theme for the anime God Eater.
I'm posting this as a WIP since this is the TV edit and I won't consider it complete until it's the full song version (whenever that gets released), unless I happen to dislike the full version for some reason lol

It's a shame this show was plagued by production issues as it was airing. I played the heck out of God Eater Burst on PSP and really enjoyed the show as it was airing, especially this song. Last I heard it should resume airing in japan with episode 10 on March 5th.

Edit: Updated zip and info

Well the full version was


Joined: Sep 04 2014

Well the full version was finally released (and it is epic), so I'll be resuming work on this and I'll finish it sooner or later. I updated the zip and I've made a couple edits since I first posted this a while back. It's still just the TV size for now, though. I'll probably wait till the full version is done before I update again.

Re: Well the full version was


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Hi. I'm looking forward the tab for this song and see your post, hope to see the full version soon. This song is very epic in my opinion. Thanks for your work and sorry about bad English.