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Shoudou (Piano Ver) - Junjou Romantica 2


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Shoudou (Piano Ver) zip <--txt, gp5, mid, pdf

Youtube link

Song/album info
Track 4
Music by Tomonori Sekiguchi

The piano arrangement of the opening theme for the anime Junjou Romantica season 2. Standard tuning, capo on 1.

Off topic:
Looks like the site is due to have its 7000th tab posted soon. I wonder what it'll be...
Personally, I think it would be hilarious if it wound up being the Oppai Dragon tab I posted a while back lol, but surely that's not gonna happen. (I would be embarrassed it it actually did). I think it'll probably be a tab from Undertale or something else that won't shame the site if it gets its own randomly-appearing hotlink on the front page like the 6000th tab has haha.

Same thing with this one.


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Same thing with this one. The YouTube video isn't working anymore :-(



Re: Same thing with this one.


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Darn youtube being on the fritz again... lol
I just upped them all to Mega. I hope that's alright. I'm trying to migrate away from Mediafire. (Ad-capchas from hell)
I went ahead and tossed in the 2 DxD songs from page 2 you hadn't posted on yet, as well. Their links are also broken. I'll go and check the others further back too and update the posts if the youtube links are shanked.