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Thanks for bringing the site back


Joined: May 21 2015

Thanks for putting it back on, i missed this site so much, you saved me

Ditto that, thanks


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Ditto that, thanks

i love you guys


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i love you guys

Same as above :P


Joined: Jan 20 2012

Same as above :P

Me too


Joined: Sep 04 2014

Me, too. I had this account for a year before I actually started posting. I'm not gonna move on to another so easily!

I miss when this place was


Joined: Oct 26 2010

I miss when this place was active :/

But really, this site needs


Pixelfingers cant play

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But really,

this site needs a serious overhaul. Moving it to a new system or something.
We have constant spam, downtimes etc . . this cant go on.

I dont think we would have problems in finding people who could start such a project.
Im surely not the only one working in web development and interested?

So, is the problem the webmaster, access etc.?

@Karathrow The site has been


Joined: Jan 20 2012

@Karathrow The site has been nothing but growing for the last few years my friend, granted it may not be the super verbose community of days past. lol

@Clanver Pretty sure most of the sites issues stem from the out of date authentication and one or two other things, not really a hardware issue but if it is I have a DL580 G7 I can donate to the cause :P

Ash mentioned he was going to try and get the site up to spec, so stay tuned he may be looking for a few extra
hands to help with that.

You guys are awesome =)


Nate Brooks

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You guys are awesome =)