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Oppai Dragon no Uta - High School DxD BorN


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Oppai Dragon zip
^zip contains txt, gp5, midi, pdf

Song on Youtube

Song/Album info
M-01 - PV Theme
Performer: Issei Hyodo (CV: Yuki Kaji)
Music by Ryosuke Nakanishi

This is a song from the anime High School DxD BorN. Used in the season PV and as an insert song in episode 12. It's a fun and silly song with the main character, Hyoudou Issei, singing about his love for womens' breasts lol

I've tabbed the note positions according to how I think it's easiest to play, so you may notice that a 5 can be a 0, and so on, but there's usually a practical reason behind it :P

Feel free to omit the trill during the interlude; I'm still practicing that one, myself.


Hmm I'm going to have to


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Hmm I'm going to have to listen to official version when I get home, work is not such a safe place for anything DxD related. lol

How is the new season anyhow? I haven't been keeping up with this season at all.

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Totally understandable. If there were ever an anime deserving of the NSFW label, DxD takes the cake! lol I did link to a non-NSFW vid (it has only the album art for the entire song's duration), but some of the 'related videos' that pop up on the side are somewhat NSFW-ish.

I really enjoyed the 3rd season, despite the hate from the light novel purists that was circulating at the time of airing. I've read the translations of all the novels since I got hooked on the series after season 2. As a matter of fact it's been a priority of mine to learn the Oppai Dragon theme song since it was first mentioned in the novels xD

Season 3, BorN, restructures and outright changes some of the events of the novel (the novel author himself made these changes), which generated a bit of a stir amongst the fans who had 'read ahead' so to speak. It's a shame a lot of the funny/absurd parts got omitted in favor of more fan service and more serious plot developments, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The theme songs were particularly good, much stronger than season 2's imo.

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Oh excellent, I'll have to follow up I'm just about to hit vacation so lots of time. :)

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