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Schala's Theme - Chrono Trigger


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Text File - Schala's Theme Txt
Mid, gp5 + txt - Schala's
Song on Youtube - Schala's Theme

My own arrangement of one of my favourite Chrono Trigger songs (Tied with Corridors of Time and At the Bottom of the Night). The Ambient chimes which lead into the song are written as the bassline of the arrangement, and the melody has had chords incorporated into it to try and retain the ambient feel of the orginal. It wasn't possible to keep every aspect of the song in the arrangement (Hence i had to omit the droning F#-G#-A# bass note from the original), but the song is still instantly recognizable as Schala's theme. Capo 1, Standard Tuning.

Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, from the Chrono Trigger OSV -

Only three months late!


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Only three months late! :-)