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Difficult but nice sounding tabs?


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It's a little frustrating how the top tabs section only has 50 tabs, makes it harder to find new music on this site since you don't know what would sound good without individually going through every single song.

Either way, can some people recommend me their favorite tabs on this site, the more difficult/impressive the piece is for solo guitar the better, I have been playing for 12 years so difficulty should not be a problem but a virtue. Thanks.

My two favourite tabs on the site



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I hope you get a chance to play them, and enjoy them even more so.



I'd recommend looking through


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I'd recommend looking through some of your fav tabs from the top50 and browsing what other submissions they have, anyhow here is one or 2 songs I can add to the list.

Final Fantasy X - Spira Unplugged

Super Mario 64 - Dire Docks

Couple of my Favourites


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I find a lot of the stuff by the users tomorning, basisti94, TrangOul, jordanVS, Kabukibear, Stamen47 and cyx77 to be pretty rewarding while still moderately challenging

Ikoku no Choro - tomorning
Path of Wind - JordanVS
Celes - Stamen47
Cruel Angel's Thesis - Basisti94
Hoshi Furu Yoru no rRistorante - tomorning

Just a couple of the slightly more challenging ones i enjoy - especially recommend tomorning's tabs


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Difficulty is obviously


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Difficulty is obviously relative but these are some challenging ones to me personally given my skillset. Innocent Sea and Streets of Whiterun require tremolo, castle and the monkey island intro are both just pretty fast, Phendranas Edge requires two handed tapping and percussion, and then the tomb raider one just has some tricky fingerings.

Main Theme - scarecrowlol

Phendranas Edge - .kkrieger

Innocent Sea - ronito

Castle - JordanVS

Intro Music - Stamen45

The Streets of Whiterun - Bhael

Do you like Sonic?


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The Sonic the Hedgehog tabs by natenmn sound great but are pretty difficult:

Green Hill Zone
Marble Zone

His tabs call for a thumbpick, fingertapping, and very fast fingerpicking work.

Natenm has some great ans



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Natenm has some great ans difficult tabs, violent battle for example. Apart from that I'm having a lt of fun with surreals running hell tab ans his arrangement for aquatic ambiance might just be the most well crafted tab on this site. Writing from my phone so putting down links is too difficult, search for them they're great.

Here are some of the hardest


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Here are some of the hardest on my favorites list: (Noticing a pattern here?) (the wrist destroyer) (surprisingly tricky)

Alright! I'm gonna stop here for now. Off the top of my head, Dream Dreams by Kabukibear and Dischoteque from rosario+vampire(?) are also very difficult. If you'd like me to keep going, just say so. I got up to page 5 of my ~13 pages of favorites, so there's still plenty to go.

Aww come now the FT main


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Aww come now the FT main theme isn't that hard, but Gwyn's theme yeah that is a monster that I don't
dare attempt without a capo and rearranging it. lol

Re: Aww come now the FT main


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Ah, but keeping it up-tempo and consistent is the tricky part in the denser sections.

Well to be fair I do kind of


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Well to be fair I do kind of cheat on that one, I'll hit the bass notes if they don't ring out long enough so I don't interrupt the melody. lol

I play the windfall island


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I play the windfall island one quite a bit, fun arrangement.



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I will suggest 2 tabs
The first is mostly an act of egoism lol This one is actually one of the tabs I wrote lol I really like how it sounds, but I cant play it correctly on classical guitar (on acoustic it gets a bit easier, less space to stretch). So I would love to hear this one played correctly on a classical guitar lol

The second is an arrangement I absolutely love, crazy in love with it. But I think it's reaaaaally hard to play those stretches AND keep all notes ringing (to give a more eerie atmosphere)

Double post


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How do I erase it?

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What do you want to erase?



kabukibear's Rendition of


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kabukibear's Rendition of Radical Dreamers It's on the top 50 for a good reason.

IkuinenOnni's Take on kabukibear's Tab I think he's posted videos here before and plays this particular piece closer to the original speed.

Both fantastic and clean throughout both its entirety.
Radical Dreamers