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"Koyomi-oniichan" - Bakemonogatari


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Koyomi-oniichan zip
^ zip contains txt, midi, gp5, pdf

Song/album info:
Disc 2, Track 24
Music Composed & Arranged by Satoru Kosaki (MONACA)

On youtube:

This is the piano/music box version of the anime Bakemonogatari's 4th opening theme, "Ren'ai Circulation"
Standard tuning, capo on 4.
Short and sweet~

Bar 21


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Sounds like bar 21 should be 1----5 rather than 1----1, but i guess you did that to avoid the stretch. Maybe 1--2-1 could work if you wanted to fit that C# in there without the stretch, but that's up to you obviously. The rest sounds spot on though :)


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Thanks, updated zip


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Yeah that 5 would be too much. I don't want it to clash with the 1 in the main melody, which is the more important note. I did change it to the 1--2-1 and it sounds much better. Thanks! I also re-scrutinized the bass melody of bars 21-22 and 29-30 while I was at it and fixed a couple things.

I updated the zip in the top post.

Here you go


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Here you go ^-^