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Amber Road Home - Nagi no Asukara


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Amber Road - gp5, txt, midi & pdf
Amber Road Home.mp3 - mp3 of original file

Song is called in Romaji 琥珀色の帰り道 (translates roughly to 'Amber Road Home' but i believe the official version calls it 'Amber-Colored Road Back') from the anime Nagi no Asukara. Originally a duet piece, but it's not too difficult playing on the just the one guitar. Composed by Shunsuke Kawata

The key to making this song sound nice is to hold the notes for as long as you can - i've used the capo on 3 and the chosen chord fingerings in order to best facilitate this, but there are still some awkward chords to play. Drop D, Capo 3, Tempo ~ 80, 3/4 time. Enjoy!

Here you go


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Here you go ^-^

I converted the text file to UTF-8.