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Playing PS2 over a laptop screen?


Anime Clef

Joined: Aug 13 2010

I have a PS2 and a HDTV at home, but the thing is, I work in tourism and therefor I'm rarely at home. And it's not like I can afford to buy a new PS2 and a new TV every time I'm somewhere abroad. But since I always have my laptop with me, I came up with this shrewd idea of buying a slim PS2 which is easy to transport and simply connect it to my laptop screen. But now it turned out it may not be so easy after all...

So, my question is... Does anybody have experience with connecting a gaming console to the laptop and getting good picture and sound out of this combo?

I looked at some vids and searched some forums but all the topics were from like 2005... I found the option of using an Easycap USB TV tuner and then getting the video (and hopefully sound as well) over some software called VideoStudio. But the picture quality wasn't all that good, and I read that people had problems with getting the sound to work.

Another option I found was using a VGA converter, but they said something about an HDMI adapter as well if you want to get the sound...

Anyway, since it's 2015 now I'm kinda hoping that somebody found a simple, cheap and good solution in the meantime. :P

I really miss my old PS2 games with which I grew up, and my girlfriend likes gaming too, so I would be very happy to have my PS2 always with me. So please help me out if you can...

P.S. PCSX2 won't help me, my laptop is barely strong enough to let me play psp games in the original psp resolution...

I want to create an emulator

Joseph Peters

Joined: Dec 20 2021

I want to create an emulator to play PS2 games on my phone. Do I need to contact the application developers?

Re: I want to create an emulator

Kevin Becker

Joined: Nov 28 2021

Joseph Peters said

I want to create an emulator to play PS2 games on my phone. Do I need to contact the application developers?

Usually people take opinions from different internet sites, read reviews and all that. I will share with you the best mobile app development company This information is based solely on my research and is genuine. I also ordered development from them, and therefore I can advise you. Good luck and hope you have your own app soon.

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