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Rex and others out there, I hope you are safe.


Joined: Oct 26 2010

I know he hasnt exactly been active here in a while, I just hope all our gametabbers in France are safe.

EDIT: Apparently Rex is in the Netherlands, my bad. Still I know we have some people living in France around here. Hope everyone is safe regardless.

I hope so too


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david_cookie mentioned that he was french so I hope he's doing okay.

Thanks again for the



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Thanks again for the thought.
I am indeed living in the Netherlands now, but nobody from my close family/friends was harmed during the Bataclan incident.

Just thought I would drop a word here to say hey. Been away for a long time, and I'm pretty glad to see this place is still pretty lively and getting new content. That's really nice to see.
I started visiting Gametabs less and less due to progressively dropping music after I moved. I've been putting my hands back at work not long ago, and that feels really good. Even ordered a piano this weekend, and I can't wait to put my hands on it.
Hope you guys are well too.

I haven't seen any major news


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I haven't seen any major news in headlines whats going on???