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Hohoemi - Kimi no Todoke


Joined: Nov 19 2014 - txt, midi, gp5 files - Song on Youtube

Track 11 from Kimi no Todoke OST - Known in English as 'Smile'.
Composed by Hideharu Mori

Transcription/arrangement of this lovely piano piece from the Anime Kimi no Todoke. Slow tempo, Drop D tuning, 4/4 time. Just upgraded my classical guitar to one that actually projects and sustains chords well so I had to give it a whirl with a slow, deliberate piece.

Couple of notes in there i've marked ghost notes with the (x) notation, but they're really more like optional notes. Not exactly necessary to play the song, but i find they just give a certian 'fullness' to the chords.

I'm starting to dig playing these slower piano pieces now, so if anyone knows any similar song lemme know :)

That should say Kimi ni


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That should say Kimi ni Todoke, not Kimi no Todoke.

You had some tab characters in this file where you wrote the time signatures. Not everyone has tab stops set to 8 characters, so I replaced them with spaces to get it to look right.

Nice tab :-) Congrats on the new guitar!