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Ice Valley - Metroid Prime


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I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before how much I loathe these hiatus' I've been forced into.
Well, guess what? My first year of Uni is over, so I can actually work on these things!

*ahem* Anyway...
This tab is for Ice Valley from Metroid Prime for GameCube and Wii (probably more commonly known as the theme of Phendrana Drifts)
Composed by Kenji Yamamoto & Kouchi Kyuma.
Tab, Tux file and Midi are all here.
And a link to the song:

Once again sorry I always


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Once again sorry I always seem to miss your tabs for a while. Next time I'll post your tab the second I see it!

Didn't quite keep that promise, but you weren't the only one waiting this time! Surprised nobody has tabbed this classic before.


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Wow, I actually completely


Location: Australia

Joined: Sep 15 2013

Wow, I actually completely forgot about that. XD
No worries. It was done in the end, right?