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unravel (Acoustic version) - Tokyo Ghoul Root A


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unravel (Acoustic version) zip
^ zip contains txt, mid, gp5, pdf

The song is being deleted/geo-locked on youtube, so here's a link to mp3:

This version of the song hasn't been released on an album yet, so it's been hard to find exact info on it. I'd assume songwriting credits would be the same as the version on this album, though:
Disc02 M24 - TV Anime "Tokyo Ghoul" Opening Theme
Vocals: TK from Ling tosite sigure
Composition, Arrangement & Lyrics: TK

This is the acoustic version of unravel, the opening theme for the first season of the anime Tokyo Ghoul. The acoustic version here was used in the second season's final episode as an insert song during a certain scene. Tabbed out for capo on 9.

Great arrangement!


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Great arrangement!


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Re: Great arrangement!


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Thanks as always, hslesperance :)

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