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UNDERTALE - Once Upon a Time


Joined: Oct 26 2015

Title: Once Upon a Time
Game: Undertale
Composer: Toby "Radiation" Fox
Year: 2015
Tabber: MioKirya

2 Guitars, 1 Bass

This is the music that plays when you launch UNDERTALE. This is the original version on YouTube

Text Tab
GPX File

I will be updating it as I record my version of it. The accuracy on the timing in the main part of the song on the GPX file is questionable. And a few notes of the supporting guitar is also questionable.

This is the first tablature I've put together so any feedback would be awesome.

Sorry for the late reply.


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Sorry for the late reply. Here are a few corrections to the melody intro and outro. I made changes to the bolded notes; the e17 in the last measure is the same note you had, but thought it was easier to play on that string.

E |-----8----------|-----8----------|--------8--10---|--8-------------|
B |--------8-------|----------------|----------------|-----8----------|
G |----------------|--10------------|-----10---------|--------10------|
D |--10------------|--------10------|--10------------|----------------|
A |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
E |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

The second guitar might sound closer if you play it an octave lower

If you want me to check the timing you can export a gp5 file, I can't open the gpx.


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