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Good songs to play around Halloween time


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Just thought I'd share a tab I like to play a lot around Halloween time. It's not video game or anime-related so I thought it'd be okay if I posted here in the off-topic section.

Skulls zip
Fingerstyle version of Skulls by The Misfits.

I always liked the catchy upbeat music coupled with the morbid lyrics. I was honestly shocked the first time I heard the song, though haha. And the reaction I got from my friends when I played them my fingerstyle version and then let them hear the original was priceless lol

If anyone else has some some good Halloween-ish type guitar tunes go ahead and post 'em! Personally, I'd love to see 'This Is Halloween' from The Nightmare Before Christmas in fingerstyle. I've never got around to tabbing it myself :P

I definitely don't have the

What if bears could

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I definitely don't have the tab, but I've always liked this guy's arrangement of This is Halloween. I also really like the guitar he used. Ha

Dang that guy has a good


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Dang that guy has a good arrangement! Thanks for the link, Bears :)
Now that I know it's possible to make a good fingerstyle version I kind of want to tab it out myself! But I think I'll save that project for next year's Halloween, maybe haha

I thought of a good creepy-sounding song to play around Halloween: The Call of Ktulu by Metallica
I forgot all about this one and I even have the tab book!

Marlin Manson also has a very


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Marlin Manson also has a very good cover of This is Halloween although that's a full metal cover, hmm I can think of lots of anime/video game music that fits for Halloween but from normal bands this is what I end up with:

Iron Maiden- Hallowed By Thy Name/ Dance of Death/ Fear of The Dark

Cranberries - Zombie.... okay maybe not dark and creepy but hey Zombies..

Gary Jules - Mad World, maybe just be because I associate it with Donnie Dark.

The Romones - Pet Cemetery

Metallica - The Wolf In Man

Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper.

Opeth - I Feel the Dark.

Anything by Rob Zombie?

Let me know if you need tabs, I have most of these songs somewhere on my home pc.

This is ~Halloween~


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@BigHeadClan Hey if you know of some good anime/video game Halloween-ish type songs please post them! That's actually part of the reason I started this thread; 'cuz I don't know of that many lol

I've already checked out tabs on the site for some of the horror anime and games I know of (Silent Hill, Corpse Party, Hellsing, Higurashi, Parasyte, Elfen Lied, etc) I know a lot of anime, but not so many games. I just know I'm missing out on some good horror-type game music.

Damn, Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark is a good one *thumbs up* I was trying to work that one into a fingerstyle piece once, but it got pretty messy lol Igor has done a fingerstyle version of it:

I've got a tab I made of Gary Jules' Mad World. Good song. I'm also planning on watching that later as part of my Halloween movie marathon :) It's more of a tragic ballad, though. I'm looking for something that sounds more scary or like impending doom haha

I always thought a fingerstyle version of Dragula would be cool, but I'm somewhat skeptical about it. I think most of Rob Zombie's stuff might be a bit too heavy to work into a fingerstyle piece lol

I'm more or less just looking for some good creepy-horror type songs/tabs to learn (on acoustic guitar, preferably) for the holidays. Games, anime, movies, bands. Just anything with a nice and scary 'horror' vibe to it :)

Actually, I've got another tab to share: Parasyte BGM zip
A piece of bgm from the anime Parasyte. I was thinking about submitting it, but it's kind of short. Also it wasn't on the OST so I couldn't find any info on it. It's got sort of a creepy/suspenseful vibe to it. Really gave me the chills while I was watching the anime.

Will add to the list a bit


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Will add to the list a bit later, will try and pick out the ones that would make a good finger arrangement :P

Hell sings~


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That will be cool! :D

I thought I'd link to some of the tabs I've found around the site that sound sort of Halloween-ish: <--I think this one fits surprisingly well ^^

Okay here are so extra songs


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Okay here are so extra songs to look into, some of these are pretty hard to arrange for guitar so apologies for that.

Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) - Third Movement
Demon/Dark Souls - Has a lot of somber and dark themes to it.
.//Hack - Aura[evil version]
Full metal Alchemist - Dante's Theme, March Of the Moving Dolls
Final Fantasy 7 - Forest Temple, Who Am I, The Nightmare Begins etc. FF7 has a bunch actually.
Naruto - Akatuski,Orochimaru's Theme, evilness.
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - Sacrifice, Storm Is Coming
Kingdom Hearts 2 - Organization XIII
Diablo II - Mephisto
Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Song of Healing, just play it out of key.

Thanks Clan! I'll check 'em


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Thanks Clan! I'll check 'em out!

Alright I got around to


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Alright I got around to checking out some those songs and they were pretty good. I especially like those 3 FF7 tracks you suggested :3 There's a couple good tabs for Temple of the Ancients hosted on here:

You were right about Song of Healing, too. I like this tab for it:

Some of those songs were hard to track down lol
Orochimaru's Theme from Naruto is good. Nice horror-ish vibe to it. The Orochimaru Fight theme is basically the same, but with a faster pace. It kinda sounds like something from Castlevania.
Aura Theme (evil version) from .hack sounds really good too. Might have to look into the .hack soundtracks more later...
Haven't gotten around to sampling the Demon's Souls soundtracks yet

I've got a good scary sounding anime track:
^Ghosts from Berserk. I don't think it'd make a good fingerstyle piece, though lol

Some metal songs that I think go good with Halloween:
^Swinging the Dead by Devildriver. Featured on the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack (I think that's the one).
^The Fourth Dimension by Hypocrisy. 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion version. The original mix didn't have those sick keyboard parts. The lyrics are about having an out-of-body experience. Scary stuff ^^

Hah sorry if you had some


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Hah sorry if you had some troubles finding some of the songs, I forgot that I had translated a lot of the names to english after grabbing them.

Berserk eh, it's on my short list of older anime I need to follow up on music sounds promising though. It also reminds me of Claymore which is a pretty awesome and dark fantasy series as well. Claymore OST #2

Dang Devil Driver is pretty awesome, Fourth Dimension was pretty solid as well here's a shameless plug for my buddies band which is kinda similar. Shark Infested Daughters - Attack On Trost

Don't sweat it! I'm quite


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Don't sweat it! I'm quite good at internet scavenger hunts lol
I got sources xD

If you like Claymore you'll probably enjoy Berserk as well. One big difference is that Berserk has the 'supernatural' element hidden (sometimes hinted at) until the end, although the first episode foreshadows it pretty heavily. I'd go for the 1997 anime series first, and then the movie trilogy remake if you're up for more. The third movie does have a more satisfying ending. The manga is very, very good too. I really enjoy the Berserk series.

I'd forgotten all about Claymore, actually. The manga finished semi-recently and I need to read the last couple volumes.

Your buddy's band doesn't sound too bad. It's a pretty catchy song :)

I can't think of any more dark anime/game tracks but I thought of a few more metal tunes that I believe to possess a high affinity for Halloween (and also have cool sounding guitar parts that are fun to play):
^Dead Skin Mask by Slayer. Such an obvious one lol
^Brave New Hell by Bloodbath. A lot of death and black metal fits in with Halloween, but I find this track exceptional.
^Ethereal by High on Fire. Mostly because of the lyrics. The music has sort of a ritualistic-trance feel to it. Like a wizard conjuring an inhuman army or something.