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unravel (acoustic version) - Tokyo Ghoul: Root A (WIP)


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unravel(WIP) zip
^ zip contains txt, gp5, mid, pdf

^ Beware of SPOILERS in the comments!!!

This version of the song hasn't been released on an album yet, so it's been hard to find exact info on it. I'd assume songwriting credits would be the same as the version on this album, though:

This is the acoustic version of unravel, the opening theme for the first season of the anime Tokyo Ghoul. The acoustic version here was used in the second season's final episode as an insert song during a certain scene.

I've had this tab stalled for a while but I saw a request for the original version here and decided to rewatch the anime since Halloween is coming up. That got me in the mood to work on it again and it's starting to take shape, so I thought I'd post it as a WIP. It's tabbed out roughly halfway, so far, and I'm going to try and finish it by Halloween.

I'm tabbing it out with a capo on 9, but you could also play it tuned down 1 and 1/2 steps (C# Standard) I think it sounds best with all the high notes though and 9th fret is pretty much the highest I'm comfortable playing with a capo at.

Edit: Updated zip

Updated zip


Joined: Sep 04 2014

I'm pretty close to completing this one. I've got the whole song mapped out start to finish and I just need to go over it another time or two to double check for variations between the choruses and stuff. I should have that finished within a couple days or so and then I'll post it over in the Submissions section.