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Ads Redirecting on Mobile

What if bears could

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Just a heads up: visiting on mobile is sometimes (edit: is frequently) causing a redirect to some other website, which is then force-opening the app store. I don't know if this is old or new, but I dont remember it happening before today. I'm usually not logged in and am ok with ads, but the ones that redirect like that can be annoying.

I have the exact link that I'm redirected to, but I don't want to post it in case it's a security risk thing. Please let me know if I should PM it to someone. =)

I dont go to the site on


Joined: Oct 26 2010

I dont go to the site on mobile (or at least I havent in a while) but Ive been having this issue on imgur and several other places. I'm not sure if its malware on my phone or something built into certain websites or what.

As a frequent imgur lurker


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As a frequent imgur lurker and occasional poster, I've never experienced a redirect on mobile whether it be through the imgur or chrome apps.

As far as gametabs is concerned, I can't say I've really used it on mobile.

It has happened when I'm trying to stream movies, shows and all the like. I just thought that came with the nature of those types of sites though.