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The road to hell - Corpse Party


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road to hell zip
^ zip contains txt, gp5, mid, pdf


Song/album info:
Track 22
composed by Mao Hamamoto

This song was used in the game Corpse Party BloodCovered. I played this game on the PSP, but the game was originally released for PC. It's used for 'Wrong Ends' during Chapter 5.

Captures the 'despair' well


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I'm a little late on this one but reckon you've done a pretty sweet job here. Really captured the dark and despairing feel of the original track. These 16th notes at 120bpm will be the death of me though lol


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Dark and despairing


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Thanks quinn, that's what I was going for, since it's that time of the year and all :) Since the next gametabs album is going to be Horror themed, it made me remember this game and how insane it was! The scenario must have been written by George R.R. Martin's japanese doppelganger lol. Lots of creepy ambient tracks to go with a disturbing storyline. The scene in the nurse's office was absolutely terrifying and I thought I'd gotten a bad end when I had actually cleared Chapter 1! Wish I still had my PSP to replay it now.

I've always liked neoclassical licks like in the second half of this song. 16th notes at 120bpm are kind of fast for fingerpicking, but not impossible! :P (Impossible is 130bpm+ lol) The hammer-ons and pull-offs make it a lot easier on your picking hand.

I realized I didn't mention it in a note anywhere on the tab, but in bars 26-28 I use my middle finger to fret the E-string (middle/pinky octaves), and use my pointer for the hammer/pull-offs on the b-string.

The toughest part for me when playing that lick is volume control and not letting the notes ring out (especially the open ones). What I do is use a light palm-mute for the soft first-half and an occasional 'lighter' palm-mute for the heavier second-half.


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